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We are proud of the transactions in which our clients permit us to participate. Although we recognize that there is a practice in the market though which leverage and exposure created by the deals of the clients is used to the benefit of law firms, we firmly believe that our experience and participation is widely known and we don’t need to meet neither lead tables nor statistics to try to attract more business.

Therefore, we have decided to refrain from producing a list of deals that are generally available in public markets through web page search engines and that are easily accessible by any party through the web. By this decision, we believe that we preserve the right to privacy of our clients’ transactions, but also add an important value to the business practice of our clients, considering that sometimes investment ideas and business opportunities are not just scared but may also lose an important value of its businesses when being disclosed. As a consequence, any inquiry of past deals in which we have been involved should be made specifically on a case by case basis and upon request.


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